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When the BizTalk path ends - The new journey with Epical and Frends starts

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As the digital tide turns with the approaching sunset of Microsoft BizTalk, a story of anticipation and preparation unfolds. In the midst of this, a strategic partnership between Epical and Frends has been crafting a narrative that speaks to the heart of innovation and adaptability for businesses of all sizes.

A promise of agility for all

This partnership began with a promise to dissolve the barriers of complex and costly integrations that many businesses face. Epical, known for its personalized data consultancy, saw in Frends iPaaS the key to unlocking agility for customers large and small.

Integration has traditionally been associated with expensiveness, which it can be. 

With platforms like Frends iPaaS, modern integration enables agile and reliable system connections.

Ari Välitalo
Author's title
Consulting Manager, Epical

This sentiment lays the foundation for a future where integration is no longer a luxury but an accessible path for growth, essential for businesses of every size as they phase out BizTalk.

Navigating the transition with a local touch

The journey from BizTalk is fraught with concerns over disruption and downtime. Epical and Frends address these with a blend of local understanding and global technology prowess, ensuring that the move to modern integration is a leap forward, not a step back.

“For our Nordic customers, local product support is important and we are happy to have such an active partner as Frends, who are committed to facilitating a seamless transition.

Frends listens to our needs and invests in regular meetings to enhance collaboration.

Tommi Salmi
Author's title
SVP Business Development, Epical

For SMEs, this local empathy is particularly valuable, while enterprises find reassurance in the robust, scalable solutions that can handle their complex integration needs.

Frends, once a leading Nordic BizTalk dealer in itself before creating it’s standalone iPaaS in 2016, is nowadays a distinguished Microsoft partner and based on that very stack, with .NET and C#. Not only does this mean that the need for retraining employees when shifting technologies is kept at a minimal, but also that many of the existing BizTalk contents can be reused or swiftly redesigned as such in the platform.

A Shared Vision for Secure, Efficient Environments

The alliance is more than a response to the end of BizTalk; it’s a proactive vision shared by Epical and Frends to create secure and efficient business environments. As the discussions with customers have evolved, so has the realization of this vision.

We are honored to grow together with Epical, which has deep expertise in integration projects and robotic process automation. We share the same mission of creating more efficient and secure business environments and accelerating growth for our customers,” Jukka Rautio, CEO of Frends, asserts. This mission is especially relevant as businesses seek a trusted partner to guide them through the BizTalk transition.

Invitation to embrace change

In the narrative of integration, the BizTalk transition is a significant chapter, and the Epical and Frends partnership is keen to write a story of success for every business, whether they're scaling new heights or reinforcing their current stance.

The message is clear: for those ready to turn the page on BizTalk, Epical and Frends offer a partnership that understands the unique challenges and opportunities of both enterprises and SMEs. They present not just a service, but a partnership that empowers your business to thrive during the transition and beyond.

Crafting your future integration story

As BizTalk fades into the annals of history, Epical and Frends are ready to help businesses continue to their following chapters with ease. For those embedded in the Microsoft stack, Frends presents a .NET-based platform that’s an intuitive fit, promising a straightforward transition with minimal retraining. This move isn’t just about finding a BizTalk substitute; it's about enhancing your integration capabilities with a platform that's already on familiar ground.

Through this continued strong collaboration, enterprises and SMEs can look forward to a smooth shift to advanced integration, ensuring the next chapter of your IT development is both innovative and grounded in the familiar.

This transformative journey will help your integration story evolve with ease and expertise! Start the discussion by reaching out to us.


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