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Our expertise is data. Our product is trust.

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Enfo’s consulting business has been rebranded as Epical! We are a pure-play data consultancy with services and expertise to support and enable the management, utilization and protection of customers’ data. We see responsible use of data as a powerful tool for creating positive change in the world, helping us solve some of our most pressing problems for our customers and the society around us.

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Enfo’s consulting business has been rebranded as Epical

Enfo has adopted a new corporate structure. As of June 1, Enfo Oyj will consist of two independent businesses: Enfo’s consulting business will be rebranded as Epical, and its IT Services business will continue to operate under the Enfo brand.

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Epical quickly understood our wishes and challenges, and at the same time they dared to think about things in new ways.


Pia de Gysser

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CIO/CDO at science center Universeum