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Epical privacy policy

Cookies and privacy policy

We are responsible for processing personal data on our website. Our policy gives you a clear picture of your rights and our obligations to you as a visitor on our website.

It is important to us to provide the best possible user experience on our website. Therefore, we use cookies and also store the personal information that you give your consent to. We are always completely open and transparent regarding how we handle the information that we collect about the visitors on our website. 

The legal basis for processing of your personal data is consent you give by visiting our website or legitimate interests of Epical. The controller of data is Epical Finland Oy. We use third parties in processing personal data and our website contains third-part cookies. This policy contains information about the kind of information we process as well as how and why we process your personal data and cookies collected on our site. Our policy gives you a clear picture of your rights and our obligations to you as a visitor. 

Responsibility for your personal data

We at Epical are responsible for processing your personal data on our website. Being responsible for personal data means that we must ensure that you as a visitor: 

  1. Are aware about the fact that we collect your personal data, how we collect it and why. 
  2. Actively can approve or deny the processing and storage of your personal data. We do not process your personal information without your consent.
  3. Have the opportunity to update your information easy.
  4. Can use the right to be forgotten. This means that we must delete all information that can be linked to you as a person from all our systems, if requested.
  5. May request to receive all personal data we have stored about you. 
  6. Can trust that we will not disclose personal data to any third parties unless it is required to do so under applicable laws. However, we may also use partners in processing of personal data, and as such, personal data will be transferred to and processed by partners (data processors) that provide services to Epical. All used partners must comply with written data processing agreements, and they must implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of personal data. Furthermore, they may not process any personal data transferred to them for any other purposes than for providing services to us. The only employees with access to your personal data will be those employees who need to process your personal data.


What personal data does Epical store about you?

All information that identifies you as a person is regarded as personal data. This includes, among other things; your name, address, e-mail, social security number, telephone number, etc. In addition to this relatively common and obvious information, cookies are also stored on your computer to personalize and enhance your user experience on our website. The purpose of these cookies is to gather information about how you use our site in order to provide you with more personalized and relevant content in the future. 

When does Epical store your personal data and cookies?

We collect personal information when you fill out a form to get an E-book, a guide, or give us your information in other ways on our website. This includes, but is not limited to, registering for training, events, seminars, webinars, via the contact form, etc. 

By entering your e-mail on any form on the website, the cookies will be linked to your email address. If you have given your consent that we may store cookies and manage your personal data, we then may send you suggestions for further reading in the area of your interest, e.g. other relevant guides, blog posts etc. 

Why do we need your personal data?

We always want to deliver a great user experience and provide you with relevant and valuable information on our website. Cookies and personal information provided by you help us personalize your experience on our website and to deliver the right kind of content and offers to you in the future. 

What cookies do we use?

In order to give you a great experience on our website, we use the marketing automation tool HubSpot, including cookies.

Cookies are small files that are saved in your computer's browser when you visit a website and that can be retrieved from the browser for different types of applications at later visits. Our site uses cookies for the following applications: 

  • Analysis of how the site is used by you as a visitor 
  • Adapting the site's content based on how you as a visitor use the site. 
  • Adaptation of advertising on different media channels based on how the site's visitor uses it 

First-party cookies on this website that require consent

Cookies which, in strictly legal terms, are not absolutely essential in order to use this website, do nevertheless fulfill important functions. Without these cookies, features that enable our website to be used more easily, such as pre-completed forms, will no longer be available. The settings you make, such as language choices, will no longer be saved, so you will be asked about them every time you visit a new page. In addition, we will no longer have a way of presenting offers to you that are tailored to you personally.

The use on this website of third-party cookies that require consent

This website has integrated third party cookies. These third-party providers can obtain information about the fact that you have visited the website. Please visit the websites belonging to these third-party providers if you need more information about how they use cookies. If you have decided not to provide your consent to the use of cookies, or if you have revoked that consent, you will only be provided with website features the use of which does not require such cookies. Areas of the website that can potentially incorporate cookies from third parties will not be available to you if that is the case. If you do not want to accept cookies at all, then you can also configure that in your browser. 

Third-party services collecting website visitor data on our website are among others:

  • Google Analytics, you can opt-out from cookies from Google Analytics here
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Ads

You can send a 'Do-Not-Track' request to various advertising networks here

Internet Explorer 
Mozilla Firefox 
Google Chrome 
Flash cookies (all browsers) 
iPhone, iPad and others from Apple 
Phones with Android 
Phones with Windows 

If you as a visitor have specific questions about how cookies are being used on this site, please feel free to contact us at

How long do we store personal data and cookies?

We store your personal data and cookies as long as we have your consent to it and the information is needed for the purpose of providing a great user experience on our website. 

Your consent is needed!

We process your personal data and cookies after you have approved it. You can prevent further storage of cookies and delete already stored cookies via your browser at any time, for more information, please see above. 

To receive our E-books and guides on the website, you need to confirm that we may store your personal data, for example your e-mail address and name. The purpose is to be able to send you the content you want as well as provide suggestions for further reading in the area of interest. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on a link in the email you will receive. You can also update your subscription settings through the link in the same mail. 

If you unsubscribe from further e-mails, your personal data will be removed from our HubSpot marketing automation system. You can also email us at

Would you like to update your information?

Email us at to update your personal information.

The right to be forgotten

You can at any time get your information deleted from our systems. If you want to be forgotten in our systems, please report this to us at

To find out what personal data we have stored about you, please email us at the above address. We will then send you all the information we have stored as soon as possible. 

Contact us

If you have any questions about how and why we handle your personal data, including cookies, you are welcome to contact us directly at