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Our expertise is data. Our product is trust.

What can we do for you?

Epical is a Nordic data consultancy specialized in areas such as data & analytics, security, applications and integrations. Together with our 500 digital experts, we support and enable the management, utilization and protection of our customers’ data.

Epical datadriven business
Epical datadriven business

Digital trust

Manage risks and protect your most valuable data assets proactively in the workplace and beyond

Epical datadriven business

Data & analytics

Build smart data management architecture and shift focus from data challenges to business opportunities

Data-driven business Epical


Build and run your tailored applications with a trusted partner


Data-driven business Epical


Bring information to the right people, in the right time and in the right context

Data-driven business Epical

Cloud platforms

Select the platforms for your data that stand the test of business transformation – on- or off-premises, public or private cloud