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Cloud platforms

Data-driven business Epical
Data-driven business Epical

Cloud platforms

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Put your data on the right platforms

For our customers data is and will be on many platforms. Managing them all in a secure way might seem hard. This is where we come in. No matter where your data is or where you want it to be, we help you select and build the right platforms. Platform services that stand the test of business transformation.

Whether it is on-premise capacity and hosting, virtual capacity, private cloud or public cloud, we can help you find the most suitable solution. Often, a mix of many capacity solutions serves the business and its continuity the best.

Business before technology

Continuous support and comprehensive management services – truly taking care of the whole platform landscape - is what sets us apart and makes us the trusted platform partner for our customers.

How do we turn platforms into valuable assets? By looking at them from our customers’ perspective and helping them choose the right ones. We do not approach platforms technology first, but customer and customer’s business first. With that in mind we can assess what the right platforms are to optimize your business application lifecycles and to minimize and manage risks.


It was important for us to find a supplier who understands our outlet business and the importance of a long-term collaboration.

Sajad Veismoradi
Author's title
Head of Sourcing and Planning - Newbody

Ready for edge computing

Harvesting the potential of edge computing by turning each endpoint into a platform is around the corner. In order to manage the exponential growth of data streams we simply need more capacity. That is why we will witness the rise of edge computing and find the best solutions to manage the variety of endpoints and their security. We at Epical are ready to be in the forefront of utilizing edge computing in for example IoT solutions.

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