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Application management

Data-driven business Epical

Application management – we care for your business-critical solutions

Leveraging data in applications that serve both you and the end user offers entirely new opportunities to create value. Epical is a trusted partner that will guide you through all the stages of working with data: analytics, development, support, operating and maintenance. We care for your business-critical solutions, built by you, Epical or a third-party, and we take responsibility for them in their entirety.

We have the expertise. Salesforce, SAP and cloud-born data warehouses and BI solutions are where we can provide you the full stack, just to name a few. Also, many of our solutions benefit from our ability to work closely with, e.g., our integration, information management (IM), DevOps and support teams.

Solution care ensures 24/7 support

Whether it is your fast-changing cloud-native application, information management system solution or robust traditional business system, Epical provides you with the first line of defense. Epical’s experts analyze, route and resolve incidents and deliver transparency with point-of-view business and consumer monitoring.

To help you focus on your core business, Epical safeguards your business-critical applications. Be it through our full-fledged ITIL-based (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) support and management, or a more agile DevOps solution – or a combination of these approaches. The choice is yours.

Through our application management service, Solution care, we can support your company’s own applications (even legacies), applications developed by a third party or solutions developed by Epical - 24/7. We promise to both take care of your applications and provide you with documentation about the responsibilities of each involved party.

Data-driven business Epical

What’s in it for your business?

We are the best of two worlds – we both build and run your business-critical applications. What you need is someone to take on total responsibility for your applications, so that you can focus on taking your business to the next level. Let us do the heavy lifting! You can put focus and effort on the differentiating work: continuous development and business requirements – instead of operations, system monitoring and firefighting.

In multi-party environments, you may be the one responsible for filling in the grey areas. And your end users may be lost with all the support channels. We would like to be your one channel, the one that is responsible, so that you can concentrate on the work of differentiating.

Epical has long customer relations with proven generalized practices and processes for continuous services. Let us take care of your business’s routine and technology as well.

Tietovarastointi ja raportointi - Case Valmet - Sari Da Conceicaio

If there’s ever an issue with our system in the early morning or on the weekend, it’s usually fixed by the time the on-call period is set to begin. We may never even notice anything on our end.

Sari Da Conceicao
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IT Service Manager, Valmet

Application management services with a holistic view

Our experts approach applications and business solutions with a modular and holistic approach. To ensure sustainable development, our solution care experts help you verify that your applications serve your business according to the following key points:

  • Costs are governed for the whole solution.
  • Responsibilities across different parties are recognized.
  • Responsibility gaps are fulfilled by your own organization, current partners, or by our experts at Epical.
  • The responsibilities, e.g. agreements, are aligned with your business value, including service levels and other key areas across all involved parties such as solution governance, solution development, change and release, solution operations or support.

Epical’s expertise within information management (IM) also ensures first-class maintenance services that make sure that your information management systems and analytics are continuously serving your business in a sustainable way. We do this with an enterprise-grade approach, which means that your applications run smoothly even at the largest scale, while we take care of the maintenance and quality management.

Having a holistic view, we also make our expertise within everything from data modeling, business intelligence, data warehouse, data lake and masterdata to planning systems, analytics and agile project practices available for your company’s success. 

SIAM – service integration and management secures your responsibility governance

With our proven SIAM approach, we identify and document all current responsibilities and processes with you. In this way, you can be fully confident that your documentation is up-to-date, comprehensive and adds value to your business.

Once the current responsibilities are documented, our experts can recognize the gaps where there is no responsible actor or where your own organization does not have the necessary capabilities.

Let us take on the solution management role, and we will ensure continual service improvement to your current processes and responsibilities by streamlining your practices with each of the involved parties.

Whatever your needs, you can be confident we’ll come up with the solution.

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